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Project Description

hendri-kurniawan-copy-squareHendri Kurniawan

Founder/Director of ABCD School of Coffee Indonesia (@abcd_coffee)
Owner of @ruangseduh coffee shop
Freelance Architect and Interior Designer

Bachelor of Architecture

WCE Technical Judge 2012 – 2015 (WBC, WLAC, WCIGSC)
WCE Sensory Judge 2012 – 2015 (WCIGSC)
WCE Visual Judge 2012 – 2015 (WLAC)
WCE Sensory Judge 2015 – 2018 (WBC, WBrC, WCIGSC)
CQI Licensed Q Arabica Grader
Authorized SCAE Trainer 2015 – 2018 (Barista Skills)
Roasters Guild of America (Level 1)

Specialty Coffee Association (Previously Specialty Coffee Association of America & Speciality Coffee Association of Europe)