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Final 2018 Rules & Regulations Released, 2019 Committee Selections Open

The Rules and Regulations for the 2018 World Brewers Cup, World Cup Tasters Championship and World Coffee Roasting Championship have now been released, undergoing only minor updates to gender-neutral language and competitor qualification explanations, to keep them consistent with other competition documents. The committees and community review process for the Rules and Regulations is currently

World Coffee Championships Head To Amsterdam, Boston, and Berlin

Following a fantastic 2017 event in Seoul, the World Barista Championship (WBC) now heads to Amsterdam from 20-23 June, 2018, taking place at the World of Coffee Amsterdam show at RAI centre. 2018 is the 19th year of the championship, which recognizes the highest levels of barista professionals, and their mastery and innovation in coffee service. This year nearly 60 competitors from around the world will

2018 World Brewers Cup And World Cup Tasters Championship Will Take Place At International Coffee Week In Belo Horizonte

The 2018 World Brewers Cup (WBrC) and World Cup Tasters Championship (WCTC) are moving to Belo Horizonte, Brazil, joining the World Latte Art Championship and World Coffee In Good Spirits Championship at International Coffee Week (ICW), the 7th-9th of November. National coffee champions from over 40 countries will attend ICW to compete in the four

Announcing New DC Policy and Events Site Selection Committees and Task Force on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

As the New Year draws closer, I’m reminded that the end of a year is a good time to both look back to reflect on the previous twelve months and to look forward at what we still need to accomplish. A message from Paul Stack, President of the SCA Board of Directors: For the past few

Announcing the Qualified Equipment & Products Sponsors for the 2018-2020 World Coffee Championships

The World Coffee Championships take place thanks to the support and dedication of a wide array of organizations and individuals. Integral to that support are the Qualified Sponsors, the manufacturers who provide the equipment & products that competitors use on stage. These sponsors sign three-year agreements to support strategic growth of the competitions, and dedicate

In-Depth FAQ Released on Deferred Candidacy Policy + Review of Host City Selection Criteria

After much in-person and online discussion during various town hall meetings on the Deferred Candidacy Policy & Host City Selection Criteria, the SCA Board & WCE team have put together an extensive FAQ gathering answers to questions people may have on this subject. Please find the full FAQ here:

SCA Board Members and Staff to Attend Town Halls on Deferred Candidacy Policy, In Person and Online

Please read this message from the Board of Directors of the Specialty Coffee Association, following the recent Deferred Candidacy Policy announcement. Since the November 9 announcement of our Deferred Candidacy policy, the SCA Board of Directors have heard a variety of reactions from our members and other stakeholders. Many have been critical. We have listened

Announcing New Deferred Candidacy Policy for Competitors at World Championships

An update from the SCA Board of Directors regarding the selection process of host cities for WCE world championship events. Over the past few weeks, the SCA Board of Directors and the Review Panel have engaged in passionate and difficult conversations around inclusivity and the safety of world championship competitors. The discussions in which we

The World Barista Championship Is Coming To Cafe Show Seoul!

Barista Champions are coming to Seoul next week to compete for the title of “World Barista Champion,” live on-stage at Cafe Show Seoul. The 2017 World Barista Championship is Title Sponsored by Ediya Coffee, and the competition promises to be full of incredible skill and innovation! Competitors will give intricately detailed, exhaustively rehearsed stage presentations, serving

Final 2018 World Coffee Championship Locations Announced!

EDIT 5/23/2018 1:00 PM EDT — New locations to be announced 5/25 EDIT 9/11/2017 6:00PM EDT — Please see this statement from the SCA about Dubai's hosting of these events for an important update. 2018 is going to be an exciting year for specialty coffee, with competitions happening at four different events in three countries throughout

Announcing The Teams For The 2017 World Barista Championship at CafeShow Seoul

Barista champions from 60+ national bodies are coming to Seoul in 2017 to compete for the title of “World Barista Champion.” This will take place live, November 9-12, on an arena stage built by competition host Cafe Show. For the second year, there will also be a Team Competition component at the WBC, with competitors paired

2017 Budapest Championships Rankings Released

Congratulations once again to the Champions, and all the incredible competitors at the 2017 Budapest Championships, at World of Coffee Budapest! Full rankings for each round of every competition have now been released and are available at the links below. Thank you to all the competitors for their passion and competitive spirit, and to the

Congratulations to the 2017 Budapest Championships Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the  World Latte Art Championship, World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship, World Cup Tasters Championship, and World Brewers Cup, brought to you by Hario! 2017 World Latte Art Champion, Arnon Thitiprasert from Thailand 2017 World Brewers Cup Champion Chad Wang, from Taiwan 2017 World Coffee in Good Spirits Champion, Martin Hudak from Slovakia

Budapest Championship Day 3 Schedules

It's hard to believe we're already two days into the 2017 Budapest World Coffee Championships! Join us tomorrow as we crown new world champions, and make sure to check out the Livestream at 2017 Championships Overall Schedule 2017 World Brewers Cup Day One Schedule – Day Three Schedule 2017 World Latte Art & Coffee In

Day Two Schedules for the Budapest Championships!

It's time for another exciting day of coffee competition here in Budapest at World Of Coffee. Check out the schedules below and don't forget to catch you favorites live on stream on 2017 Championships Overall Schedule 2017 World Brewers Cup Day One Schedule - Day Two Schedule 2017 World Latte Art & Coffee In Good Spirits - Day

2017 WCTC Quarter-Finalists Are Announced!

Congratulations to all everyone who competed in Round One of the 2017 World Cup Tasters Championship, at World of Coffee Budapest! A huge thank you to our Qualified Sponsors; Technivorm, Brita and Cafetto—we'll see you tomorrow at 10am when Quarter-Finals commence. -- 2017 WCTC Leaderboard - Round One  

[UPDATED SCHEDULE] 2017 WLAC, WCIGS, WCTC, WBrC, and Re:co Symposium are coming to Budapest!

The World Latte Art Championship, World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship, World Cup Tasters Championship, and World Brewers Cup, brought to you by Hario, are being produced by World Coffee Events in Budapest 13-15 June. Over 130 competitors from all over the globe will come together, in an exciting display of artistry and technical mastery. The championships are

Show Off Your Creative Skills By Volunteering At The World Coffee Championships

Photo by Young-Min Lee @TopBarista Support the specialty coffee community by showing off your unique creative skills on the world stage! WCE is currently seeking creative volunteers with skills in photography, content production, online community management, and cross-cultural communication to assist in the the official coverage of the World Latte Art Championship, World Coffee in Good Spirits

World Coffee Roasting Championship 2017 Rules & Regulations Update Released

  The 2017 updates to the World Coffee Roasting Championship Rules and Regulations have been released. The changes focus on increased production flexibility for national competitions, and a clearer and more robust cupping and evaluation procedure, with a new production roast evaluation scoresheet. The 2017 updates will come into effect 12-14 December at the World

The 2017 WCIGS Spirit Bar Round Will Take Place Off-Site At Innio

The Spirit Bar round of the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship (WCIGS) moves off-site for the 2017 Budapest Championships, challenging competitors’ creativity and improvisation skills in a fun and engaging round of service at Innio food wine coffee the night of 13 June. Reaching a wider, cocktail-centric audience in a natural bartending environment is

Submit A Proposal To Host 2018 and 2019 World Coffee Championships

The World Coffee Championships are the premier competitive community events in coffee, and in 2018 and 2019, they could be coming to your city! Proposals are being accepted now through June 1st 2017 to host the 2019 World Barista Championships, and the World Brewers Cup, World Latte Art Championship, World Coffee In Good Spirits Championship,

2017 Qualified Testing Evaluation Standards & Procedures Released

Photo by Jake Olson for WCE. The 2017 Evaluation Procedures & Standards for the Qualified Testing program have been released on the 2017 Qualified Testing page. Qualified Testing certifies equipment and products for use in world coffee competitions, and occurs every three years, with a dedicated committee of expert volunteers gathering to evaluate competition suitability in

2016 Year In Review Released, 2018 WBC Location Confirmed  

Our 2016 Year In Review publication, brought to you by O'Coffee, celebrates an amazing year of coffee with eleven interviews and articles about our 2016 events across the world. 2016 had a lot to make it special, from talented World Champions and All-Stars, to engaging Re:co and Re:verb speakers and experiences, to incredible volunteers, audiences,

Re:verb Coffee Talk Series Comes To Manila Dublin (Jan 22) - Re:verb comes to the World Trade Center Metro Manila this March 1st, with the Philippine Restaurant, Café, and Bar Expo (Philresca). Combining talks and dialogue from experts in many coffee disciplines with original media, Re:verb, a collaboration between Philippine Asia Conferences & Exhibitions and World Coffee Events (WCE), aims to

2017 World Brewers Cup, World Latte Art, Coffee In Good Spirits, Cup Tasters Championships Rules & Regulations

      The WCE Rules & Regulations Working Group is releasing the 2017 Rules and Regulations for the Budapest Championships: the World Brewers Cup, World Latte Art Championship, World Coffee In Good Spirits Championship, and the World Cup Tasters Championship—taking place June 13-15, 2017 at World Of Coffee Budapest. Updating the Rules & Regulations is a process undertaken

Re:verb 咖啡精英论坛系列将在上海和深圳精彩上演! 著名的咖啡专家们将来到中国参与Re:verb的教育计划,11月15日在上海,11月17日在深圳。此次论坛将会有来自世界各地的咖啡专家演讲(现场有同声翻译),还有机会与参加论坛的咖啡专家们交流切磋。此次论坛致力于提升咖啡知识以及对咖啡产业的推动。此次Re:verb咖啡精英论坛由王力精品咖啡学院主办。 Re:verb 中国由是世界咖啡赛事组织 (World Coffee Events, WCE)所创办。很高兴能将以下的专家邀请到中国:Isabela Raposeiras, Coffee Lab 拥有者, 他将谈论有关创造创新的服务体验;Michal Molcan,Standart Magazine的创始者及总编辑,他将带领家探讨品牌建立及潮流; Bennett Cross, Equator Coffees & Teas 的零售营运,他将分享咖啡店设计、服务及策略;Danielle Harris,自由设计师,他将探讨品牌设计与行销;Kalle Freese,Sudden Coffee的创始人之一,他将探讨创立新的商业概念。 WCE是首屈一指的精品咖啡竞赛和教育活动的创办者,他们所创办活动包括世界咖啡师大赛、世界咖啡拉花艺术大赛、Re:co 研讨会、全明星,还有Re:verb。很高兴能在成功的举办了2016年3月的世界咖啡拉花艺术大赛、咖啡调酒大赛 、杯测大赛、及烘焙大赛后再次回到上海。我们也很期待与深圳的咖啡圈碰面与交流。 Re:verb 中国是由王力精品咖啡学院主办。王力精品咖啡学院是SCAA、SCAE和CQI认证的实验室及咖啡学院,为中国咖啡业界提供培训及考证的机会。王力精品咖啡学院隶属于王力咖啡贸易(上海)有限公司,至2003创立以来,一直在中国支持与推动着精品咖啡的前行。 Re:verb 咖啡精英论坛创造了一个平台,让业界人士们聚集在一起共同分享与探讨对咖啡世界的想法与见解。活动上融合了演讲、访谈跟研讨会,还有其他观众的互动参与,Re:verb是个资讯满满的全日活动。Re:verb的参加者能在休息时间思考他们在论坛上的所学,同时也能与其他咖啡业界人士交流,建立新的友谊或合作关系。 欢迎登陆 或是在新浪微博、instagram、WCE脸书上搜寻关键字#ReverbChina 来获取活动的资讯。媒体需求请写信至 [email protected]。 活动时间与地址: 上海站: 日期:11月15日,9:30-18:00 地点:闵行区七莘路3555号 大华虹桥假日酒店1楼  锦华厅   深圳站: 日期:11月17日,9:30-18:00 地点:南山区南海大道东华园2307号 东华假日酒店 夏阳厅   票价:800元/场 1、上海或深圳站的全天论坛 2、论坛全程同声翻译服务 3、聚超值咖啡人大礼包 4、90+咖啡自助茶歇、餐食 5、纪念版票牌 数量有限、售完即止。

Re:verb Coffee Talk Series Comes To Shanghai And Shenzhen Noted coffee experts are coming to China with the Re:verb educational program, headed to Shanghai on the 15th of November and in Shenzhen on the 17th. The event will feature live-translated talks and dialogue with experts in many coffee disciplines, as well as opportunities to connect with local coffee professionals, all designed to help

Coffee Experts Head To Tokyo With World Coffee Events’ Re:verb Program at SCAJ

Dublin (September 12) - Re:verb comes to Tokyo Big Sight this September 27th, with the Specialty Coffee Association of Japan (SCAJ) Conference & Exhibition. Combining talks, dialogue, and media from experts in many coffee disciplines, Re:verb, a collaboration between the SCAJ and World Coffee Events (WCE), aims to enlighten and stimulate emerging coffee professionals worldwide.

The 2016 World Latte Art, Cup Tasters, Coffee Roasting, and Coffee in Good Spirits Champions Announced

The dust has settled, and we have some brand new World Champions to introduce to you! Um Paul of South Korea and Michalis Dimitrakopoulos of Greece fought off stiff competition battling through the final round to become the 2016 World Latte Art Champion and World Coffee in Good Spirits Champions! The World Cup Tasters Championship

World Latte Art, World Coffee in Good Spirits, World Cup Tasters, and World Coffee Roasting Championships are coming to China!

DUBLIN, IRELAND (Tuesday, March 31, 2015) – World Coffee Events (WCE) announces that it will bring the World Latte Art Championship, World Cup Tasters Championship, World Coffee Roasting Championship, and World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship to HOTELEX in Shanghai, China. The event is taking place from March 29th to April 1st, 2016. “WCE feels

Evolving the World Barista Championship: WCE Announces Exciting Updates to the World Barista Championship in 2016

Dublin, Ireland (27 March, 2015) - For the past 15 years, the World Barista Championship (WBC) stage has played host to innovation from the world’s best baristas. While we’ve made small changes to the competition format over the years (remember the mandated sugar bowls?), it’s time we introduced more changes. Bigger changes. Changes that bring

WCE Announces 2015-2017 Qualified Sponsors for World Brewers Cup, Latte Art, Coffee In Good Spirits, Cup Tasters, and Coffee Roasting Championships

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Jenn Rugolo - [email protected] +353 83 181 9624 DUBLIN, IRELAND (December 3, 2014) - This past June in Rimini, Italy, leading commercial equipment suppliers underwent WCE's rigorous Qualified Testing process. These tests are performed once every 3 years by a team of skilled professionals, who test each machine according to published competition

WCE Announces the 2015 - 2017 Qualified Sponsors for the World Barista Championship

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Jenn Rugolo – [email protected] +353 83 181 9624 DUBLIN, IRELAND (November 20, 2014) - The World Barista Championship will visit the world's largest specialty coffee trade show, the SCAA's Event, April 9-12, 2015. With WBC's online reach of over 60,000 unique viewers and the massive onsite audience expected in Seattle, the 2015 WBC

World Coffee Events Opens Requests for 2016 & 2017 Championship Host Proposals

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Jenn Rugolo – [email protected] +353 83 181 9624 DUBLIN, IRELAND (October 27, 2014) World Coffee Events puts out a tender to host 2016 & 2017 world coffee championships. The championships include: World Latte Art Championship (2016 only) World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship (2016 only) World Brewers Cup (2016 only) World Cup

2014 World Barista Champion, World Brewers Cup, and World Coffee Roasting Champion Announced

For Immediate Release 12 June 2014 Today World Coffee Events (WCE) announced the 2014 World Barista Champion, 2014 World Brewers Cup Champion and 2014 World Coffee Roasting Champion at World of Coffee (WoC) in Rimini, Italy. The 2014 World Barista Champion is Hidenori Izaki from Japan, the 2014 World Brewers Cup Champion is Stefanos Domatiotis

World Coffee Events announces 2014 World Latte Art, World Coffee in Good Spirits and World Cup Tasters Champions

Melbourne, Australia (May 18th 2014): Today World Coffee Events (WCE) announced the 2014 World Latte Art Champion, 2014 World Cup Tasters Champion and 2014 World Coffee in Good Spirits Champion at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) in Melbourne, Australia. The 2014 World Latte Art Champion is ­Christian Ullrich from Germany. Announced on the same stage, the 2014