FAQ New (Potential) National Bodies

What is a National Body?

A National Body is the entity licensed by WCE to organize all the WCE Competitions in each location.

Can someone just decide to organize a competition?

No – all of the WCE Rules & Regulations are WCE’s intellectual property and can’t be used without consent. The National Body is the only entity that organizes the competitions.

What if my National Body only organizes one competition and I’m interested in the others?

It is acceptable for the current National Body to give the ‘execution’ of a competition to another organization. This does not mean the license, just the execution of one competition. The actual National Body will still be responsible towards WCE.

We definitely encourage you to reach out to the NB in and express your interest!

What type of organization can become a National Body?

WCE strives to be very inclusive of the specialty coffee industry. We have to make sure that it is a very open and transparent organization and that everyone has a chance to participate – whether that is as competitor, judge, sponsor, volunteer or organizer.

In most cases, the NB is a specialty coffee association or a group of people organized in the form of ‘association’, with several members, and mainly several members representing different players in the coffee industry.

Who cannot be a National Body?

Although there are very few exceptions, in general a private Café / Roastery / Company can not be a National Body – due to the inclusive nature WCE is looking for.

Trade show companies are also rare exceptions, since the specialty coffee expertise is definitely a plus!

Do you have to pay to apply as National Body?

No – there is no fee to apply. However once a National Body is accepted as Licensed, there is a yearly fee of 600 Euro.

Are there any other expenses associated with being a National Body?

Not direct expenses, no. However, the National Body has to cover – either directly or through sponsorships – the flight, accommodation and meals for  the champion(s) for which they organized competitions.

What do I need to do to become a National Body?

First, you need to have an SCA Membership (as Association, not individual).

Second, keep in mind the points mentioned above – an actual legal registration letter of the association will be required.

Third – you will have to provide proof (pictures, text, website) of having organized an actual coffee event such as a friendly competition / workshop or other kind of activity, including several actors in the industry.

A letter of recommendation from anyone affiliated to WCE is always a plus!

Once all this is sorted – please fill out the online application for New National Body.

I submitted my application, what happens next?

If you’ve received a confirmation from WCE that the application was received, it is just a matter of waiting. All applications are reviewed by WCE’s Board of Directors who meet every few months.

If you have any other questions, please email [email protected].