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FAQ Existing National Bodies

I am organizing my competition, now what?

A few simple steps:

  1. Fill out the Annual Sanctioning Form (for each competition if they happen at different dates)
  2. Contact and invite a WCE Representative

Where do I find a list of the WCE Representatives?

You can find a list of WCE Representatives here.

What if I can’t find an available WCE Representative?

A WCE Representative is mandatory (except for Cup Tasters); if you are struggling to find one, please email [email protected]. Make sure you allow enough time for Representatives to be able to make travel arrangements, as they are all committed volunteers!

Do I need to pay the WCE Representative?

No – they are all volunteering their time and expertise. You do however, need to cover all of their expenses: travel / local transportation / lodging / all meals.

The event finished – anything else?

Yes – Fill out the Post Competition Report (very important!) – it is the only way we will be able to confirm the champion.

What about to register for world events?

The champion registration is usually open about 2 months prior to the world competitions. The champions should fill out their registration personally, and WCE will only confirm them if we have the Post Competition Report.

Can we use the WCE logos for our events?

No – there are special logos authorized for National Competitions. For logos as well as usage indications, please email [email protected].

Staff changed internally within the NB, how can we change the contact information on the WCE Website?

Simply email [email protected] to request the change, clarifying the reason for it if possible and including:

  • Previous Contact Name
  • New Contact Name
  • New Contact Email
  • New Contact Phone Number
  • Secondary Contact and email

How long is the NB License “valid”?

The NB License is usually an ongoing agreement and does not need to be actively renewed.

If there are abnormalities such as (but not limited to):

  • Lack in communication or responsiveness to WCE,
  • Not paying the NB Licensing Fee on time,
  • Not following the procedures indicated (Forms etc),
  • Clear complaints coming from either local community or WCE Representatives of events not being run according to WCE Standards

WCE may decide to review / revoke the License at any time.