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National Bodies Around the World

National Bodies are an entity, association or group of individuals who collectively take responsibility for the organization and execution of the recognized, sanctioned National Championships. These National Bodies are of a broad cross section of representatives from the Specialty Coffee community in that area. The National Bodies are licensed by World Coffee Events and given rights to produce a sanctioned National Competition in accordance with World event rules and regulations on an annual basis.

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East African Fine Coffees Association (EAFCA)

Ken Teyie
Sales Manager
Dormans Coffee Ltd
Tel: +254 20 3512807
Cell: +254 722 289804
[email protected]

Naomi Njeri Nderi
Senior Barista
Dormans Coffee Ltd
Tel: +254 20 3512807
Cell: +254 721 510179
[email protected]

South Africa

Specialty Coffee Association of Southern Africa (SCASA)
[email protected]

Lani Snyman (Chair) — [email protected], +27834455606

Iain Evans (Vice Chair) — [email protected], +27823972792

George Karatzas (Treasurer) — [email protected]+27824445280 

To ensure that your message gets through to SCASA in a speedy manner, please copy in all three Director addressees above, as we are all individually busy and often travelling.


Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA)
Edmond Kananura
[email protected]

United Arab Emirates

SCA UAE Chapter

Communication Coordinator: Garfield Kerr
Education Coordinator: Mohammed AlGhurair
Events Coordinator: Cleia Junqueira
Membership Coordinator: Anthony Bedoyan
National Coordinator: Khalid Al Mulla


Email: [email protected]


Zambian Coffee Growers Association
[email protected]


BSCA - Brazil Specialty Coffee Association

Primary Contact:

Vanusia Nogueira
[email protected]
phone: +55 35 3212 4705
mobile: +55 35 99971 5525

Secondary Contact:

Allan Botrel
[email protected]
mobile: +55 16 9995 8725


SCA Canada Chapter

Education: Mike Strumpf
Marketing & Communication: Vania Ling
Membership: Adam Pesce
National Coordinator: Josh Hockin

[email protected]


Contact: Brian Harris
[email protected]


Café de Colombia

Natalia Valencia: [email protected], +57 1 3136600 Ext. 1775 - 1747


Costa Rica

Speciality Coffee Association of Costa Rica
Noelia Villalobos
[email protected]
phone: (506) 2220-0734
mobile: (506)8939-2886


Instituto de Promoción de Exportaciones e Inversiones - PRO ECUADOR
Maria Gabriela Romero Olvera

El Salvador

Consejo Salvadoreño del Café

[email protected]

Manuel Vindel: [email protected][email protected], +50376718499



ECEG Eventos de Cafes Especiales de Guatemala
Contact: Gabriela Dardon
Phone: (502) 55275335


Hulda Saavedra
[email protected]
mobile: 504 99924135


Asociacion Mexicana de Cafes y Cafeterias de Especialidad
Arturo Hernandez
[email protected] or
[email protected]
phone: 52-55-55799251


Asociación de Cafes Especiales de Nicaragua (ACEN)
Edwin J Ruiz González
Executive Director
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +(505) 2249-0182
Mobile: +(505) 8752-6410


Specialty Coffee Association of Panama
Simi Benzadon
[email protected]


Café Perú
Luis Chimayco Ortega
[email protected]

ph: (051) 1-2655392

Puerto Rico

Asociación de Baristas de Puerto Rico, Inc.
Lucemy Velazquez
Email: [email protected]

United States

Specialty Coffee Association
Carllee Curran
Email: [email protected]


Australian Specialty Coffee Association
Craig Dickson
[email protected] or
[email protected]


Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co. Ltd
[email protected]

Alex Ni: +86-3339-2242[email protected]
Apple Zhang: +86-3339-2246[email protected]

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Professional Coffee Association

[email protected]
Monica Lee: [email protected], +852 63342477

Website | Facebook



Coffee Board of India


Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia
Veronica Herlina
[email protected], [email protected]


Specialty Coffee Association of Japan

Mr. Shinichi Sasaki, [email protected]

Mr. Takahisa Toda, [email protected]com

Mr. Takao Ueshima,[email protected]


Malaysia Specialty Coffee Association
Contact: Ms. Yip Leong Sum (+60127858488), or Ms. Celine Leong (+60109316486)
[email protected]


New Zealand

New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association (NZSCA)
[email protected]
Facebook, Instagram

Emma Markland Webster, [email protected], +64(0)21415810


Philippine Coffee Championships (formerly Association of Filipino Baristas, Inc.)

May Juan, [email protected], +639772373264
[email protected], +6325097767

Website | Facebook

Republic of Korea

SCA Korean Chapter

Community Council: 
Kim Kiil
Choi Junghwa
Choi Jun-Ho
Han Saekyoung

Competition Council: 
Park Jiman
Shin Jungyoon
Yoon Sunny
Lim Sojeong
Jung Eunkyung

Education Council: 
Park Jiman
Shin Jungyoon
Yoon Sunny
Lim Sojeong
Jung Eunkyung

[email protected]


Singapore Coffee Association
Contact: Kimberly Yer, +65-96922362 or Victor Mah, +65-96619956
[email protected]
Facebook, Instagram


Taiwan Coffee Association
Grace H.C. Tsui – Executive Secretary
[email protected]
Phone: +886-22517-8055
Fax: +886-22517-9755


Barista Association of Thailand
Meechai Amornpathanakul
[email protected]
mobile: 6685 065 8888


Name of Organzation: EXPORUM VIETNAM
Contact Person: Ms. Nicole Shim
Email: [email protected]
Phone number: +82-2-6000-6671

Secondary Contact Person:
Ms. Cao Kim Khánh
[email protected]


SCA Austria Chapter

Education: Benjamin Graf
Events: Gunter Stölner
Marketing & Communication: Martin Sedlacek
Membership: Manfred Knauseder
National Coordinator: Gunter Stölner

[email protected]


SCA Azerbaijan Chapter

Education: Timur Lyapin
Events: Vadim Misirov
Marketing & Communication: Aynur Tagiyeva
National Coordinator: Turgut Minasazov

[email protected]


SCA Belarus Chapter

Marketing, Communication, & Membership: Ann Bolbas-Daschinskaya
National Coordinator: Maryna Vaskrasenskaya

[email protected]


SCA Belgian Chapter

Education: Katrien Pauwels
Marketing & Communication:Kathleen Serdons
National Coordinator: Loïc Installé

[email protected]


SCA Bulgarian Chapter

Education: Yuliyan Mihaylov
Events: Antonina Sabotinova
Marketing & Communication: Emilian Iliev
Membership Coordinator: Milena Stoyanova
National Coordinator: Filip Spasov

[email protected]


SCA Cyprus Chapter

Education: Christos Lialios
Events: Marios Kyprianou
Marketing & Communication: Panagiotis Koumouros
Membership: George Christofi
National Coordinator: Elena Charalambous

[email protected]

Czech Republic

SCA Czech Chapter

Education: Ondrej Hurtik
Events: Adam Neubauer
Marketing & Communication: Jakub Nikel
Membership: Michala Paselekova
National Coordinator: Stepan Neubauer

[email protected]


SCA Denmark Chapter

Events Coordinator: Marc Munk Simonsen
Membership Coordinator: Ejvind Spence
National Coordinator: Christian Andersen

[email protected]
Website | Facebook


SCA Finnish Chapter

Events Coordinator: Jarno Peräkylä
Marketing & Communication: Charlotte Baltzar
Membership Coordinator: Jarkko Issukka
National Coordinator: Jonna Korhonen

[email protected]


SCA French Chapter

Education: Ludovic Maillard
Events: Nir Chouchana
Marketing & Communication: Clothilde Dutry
Membership: Michael McCauley
National Coordinator: Stéphane Comar

[email protected]


SCA German Chapter

Education: Stephanie Heidemann
Events: Thomas Schweiger
Marketing & Communication: Mateusz Petlinski
Membership: Kathrin Hauser
National Coordinator: Graziano Chessa

[email protected]


SCA Greek Chapter

Education: Kostas Kalaftas
Events: Stefanos Domatiotis
Marketing & Communication: Nikolis Athanasios
Membership: Stavros Lamprinidis
National Coordinator: Konstantinos Konstantinopoulos

[email protected]


SCA Hungary Chapter

Education: Eniko Kantor
Events: Marki Zoltan
Marketing & Communication: Kun Frigyes
Marketing & Communication: Judit Käesz
Membership: Gergely Boross
National Coordinator: Mate Nezval

[email protected]


SCA Iceland Chapter

Education: Sonja Björk Grant
Marketing & Communication: Ingíbjörg Jona Sigurdardóttir
Membership: Sólrún Björk Guðmundsdóttir
National & Events Coordinator: Njáll Björgvinsson

[email protected]


SCA Irish Chapter

Communication: Aidan Durnin
Education: Ger O'Donohoe
Events: Damian Marshall
Membership: Elizabeth Skelly
National Coordinator: Joseph Smith

[email protected]



SCA Italia Chapter

Education: David Cobelli
Events: Antonella Cutrona
Marketing: Filippo Vidiz
Membership: Marcello Vitellone
National Coordinator: Cristina Caroli

[email protected]



SCA Kazakhstan Chapter

Education: Nikolay Ukhabov Bogoslavskiy
Marketing & Communication: David Kim Hakyung Kim
Membership: Zhaslan Zhanatov
National Coordinator: Pavel Serikov

[email protected]


SCA Lithuanian Chapter

Membership: Gediminas Sereika
National Coordinator: Nidas Kiuberis

[email protected]


SCA Nederland Chapter

Education: Frans Taapken
Events: Ron De Wit
Marketing & Communication: Sanne Westphal
Membership: Willem Huisman
National Coordinator: Rose van Asten

[email protected]


SCA Norway Chapter

Events: Madeleine Solheim Johnsen
Membership: Tobias Abrahamsen
National Coordinator: Marit Lynes

[email protected]


SCA Poland Chapter

Education: Blasej Walczykiewicz
Events: Krzysztof Barabosz
Marketing & Communication: Paweł Murawski
Membership: Piotr Markowski
National Coordinator: Damian Czyżewski

[email protected]


SCA Portuguese Chapter

Events Coordinator: Ana César
Marketing & Communication: Carina Serra
National Coordinator: Cláudia Pimentel

[email protected]


SCA Romanian Chapter

Education Coordinator: Ecaterina Szasz
Events Coordinator: Sebastian Farcas
Marketing & Communication: Alexandru Nicolae
Membership Coordinator: Silvia Maria Constantin
National Coordinator: Cezara Camelia Cartes

[email protected]


SCA Russian Chapter

Education: Daria Zakharova
Events: Julia Chanturiya
Marketing & Communication: Alexandra Tishchenko
Membership: Anastasiya Chekhovich
National Coordinator: Ilya Savinov

[email protected]


SCA Slovakian Chapter

Events Coordinator: Michal Molcan
Marketing & Communications: Veronika Galova
Membership: Veronika Keckesova
National Coordinator: Tomas Callo

[email protected]
Website | Facebook| Instagram


SCA Spanish Chapter

Education: Pablo Caballero Agudo
Events: Diego Campos Vigo
Marketing & Communication: Antonio Juan Marquez Beotegui
National Coordinator: Miguel Lamora

[email protected]


SCA Swedish Chapter

Education: John Dester
Events: Ida Strid
Marketing & Communication: Emma Johansson
Membership: Emma Johansson
National Coordinator: Ida Strid

[email protected]


SCA Swiss Chapter

Communication Coordinator: André Eiermann
Education: Barbara Held
Events Coordinator: Marc Schneider
Finance: Gloria Pedroza
French Representative: Ennio Cantergiani
Membership: Vittoria Illy
National Coordinator: Nina Rimpl
Science & Research: Chahan Yeretzian

[email protected]


SCA Turkish Chapter

Education: Asli Yaman
Events: Mert Soley
Marketing & Communication: Nursu Arslan
Membership: Coordinator Arkin Ozturk
National Coordinator: Okan Turfanda

[email protected]



SCA Ukraine Chapter

Chief Volunteer: Eugene Kim
Education: Ruslan Karelashvili
Events: Viktor Shramenko
Events: Oksana Vitynska
Events: Oksana Kozonova
Marketing & Communication: Andrey Choockovsky
Membership: Maryna Penzii
National Coordinator: Olena Sereda

[email protected]

United Kingdom

SCA UK Chapter

Communications Coordinator: Jonathan Wadham
Design Coordinator: Will Sumner
Design Coordinator: Dori Czegledi
Education: Edita Chodarcevic
Events: Estelle Bright
Judges Liaison: Rob Ward
National Coordinator: Mat North

[email protected]