2017-2019 Certified Judges 2017-06-29T05:58:50+00:00

Judges are a vital component of World Coffee Events competitions, providing a service and skill essential to the success of each championship. The following judges have attended a WCE Judge Certification and passed certification tests for the competitions listed.

Certifications are valid for the year in which they were obtained. If you have questions about certified judges or would like to contact a certified judge please e-mail [email protected].

Moon Kit (Boyd) Yap – Malaysia – Sensory

Caleb Cha – Australia/South Korea – Visual
Moon Kit (Boyd) Yap – Malaysia – Technical
In-Young Song – South Korea – Visual
Mikami Ryo – Japan – Visual
Adriana Hid – Mexico – Visual
Teija Lublinkhof – Zambia – Sensory

Nora Smahelova – Germany – Taste (Sensory)
Lucemy Velazquez – Puerto Rico – Taste (Sensory)