Photo: Geórgia Thomé for World Coffee Events

Over one hundred and forty competitors joined us at the Brazil World Coffee Championships just a few weeks ago, proving their skill in one of four competition disciplines.

In the followup, two score tabulating errors have been identified and rectified in the Round One rankings of the World Latte Art Championship and World Brewers Cup, which are now updated below. The affected competitors have been made aware of the changes in ranking, though who should have progressed through into the next competition round was not affected in either case. These changes see Vitali Filmanovich representing Belarus rise from 38th to 36th Place in Round One of the World Brewers Cup, while Tse Kwun Kit representing Hong Kong rises from 35th to 22nd Place in Round One of the World Latte Art Championships.

WCE deeply apologizes for these errors, and is investigating further redundancy options and expanded scorekeeping resources for future events.

World Brewers Cup Rankings 
World Latte Art Championship Rankings