Photo: Liz Chai

With the release of the Berlin World Coffee Championship Rules & Regulations, language around competitor participation was amended to clarify that competitors can only represent one National Body (NB) or Chapter per competition year. This language will also be added to a future update of the World Barista Championship and World Brewers Cup Rules & Regulations, and the same rule will apply to competitors in Boston.

A competition year is defined as the time between a NB event and the world event it qualifies you for. For example, the time between the 2019 Iceland Barista Championship and the 2019 World Barista Championship is the WCC Competition year. Once you participate in an NB event that qualifies you for a 2019 World Coffee Championship, you can only represent that same NB in other 2019 World Coffee Championships. If you are eligible, you can choose to represent another NB for the following WCC Competition year.

The World Coffee Championships are about communities, representing them, and seeing them thrive with coffee. For those reasons, we require competitors to choose one NB or Chapter per WCC Competition year. For any questions on this topic, please email [email protected].