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World Coffee Events Working Groups

Working Group Structure

WCE is supported by a robust group of volunteer working group members. These members collaborate on, generate, and refine many materials, processes, and documents that help support our mission statement. WCE’s working groups are critical to helping develop and shape the organization, and in supporting our strategic initiatives. Annual working groups may also be formed to help with specific projects related to one activity or championship.

WBC Evolution Working Group  – Assists in developing format and strategic planning for the World Barista Championships, including rules, regulations, judges, communications, and marketing. This working group brings together long-time competition experts from many perspectives, meeting throughout the year to consider how to keep the competition format moving forward with our industry.

Rules and Regulations Working Group – Focuses on improving competitions by developing rules, regulations, and scoresheets for each competition.

Instructional Design Working Group – Develops the competition educational materials and the certification program for world-level judges. Works with education partners within our parent associations.

Community Events Working Group – Assists in developing format and strategic planning for community events, including All Stars, Re:co, and new community initiatives.

For any queries related to the work of these groups, please email [email protected].

Working Group Members

WBC Evolution Working Group

Stephen Morrissey
Jenn Rugolo
Marcus Boni
Carl Sara
Cerianne Bury
Scott Conary
Dan Streetman
Cosimo Libardo
Amy Ball (staff liaison)
Connor Clarke (staff liaison)

Rules and Regulations Working Group

Mike Yung
Sonja Grant
Yoshi Kato
David Jameson
Scott Conary
Gloria Pedroza
Audun Sørbotten
Damon Chen
Paul Thornton
Lance Brown
Caleb Cha
Emma Markland Webster
Rouki Delrue
Joe Hsu
Dan Streetman
Lukasz Jura
John Stubberud
Ben Kaminsky
Jake Hue
Sarah Anderson
Lulu Wang
Kyonghee Shin (Staff Liaison)
Amy Ball (Staff Liaison)

Instructional Design Working Group

Emma Markland-Webster
Scott Conary
Carllee Curran
Roukiat Delrue
Lauro Fioretti
Sonja Grant
Dale Harris
Dan Streetman
Annemarie Tiemes
Kyonghee Shin (Staff Liaison)
Amy Ball (Staff Liaison)