2017 Qualified Testing Program

Qualified Testing is a program where equipment and/or products can be submitted for performance evaluation on World Championship-level criteria. Manufacturers whose equipment and/or products pass the 2017 Qualified Testing program are invited to enter the 2018-2020 Qualified Sponsorship bidding process for the certified categories. There is also the opportunity to license a mark of qualification from the Specialty Coffee Association for the equipment and products that pass Qualified Testing.

Qualified Testing evaluates suitability for use in competition environments like the World Barista Championship, World Coffee In Good Spirits Championship, World Brewers Cup, World Latte Art Championship, World Coffee Roasting Championship, and World Cup Tasters Championship.

What happens during the testing?

The testing is done in person by a team of skilled professionals, who volunteer on the WCE Qualified Testing Committee. The results are collected and then shared directly with each manufacturer, as a PASS or NOT PASS. The results are kept confidential by the WCE, unless the participating company wishes to reveal the outcome of their test.

Each registered company has an opportunity to schedule a conference call to review the written report and answer any questions presented.

What are the costs associated with Qualified Testing?

The costs for each category are:

  • Espresso Machine: €5,000
  • Espresso Grinder: €2,000
  • Coffee Grinder: €1,500
  • Cleaning Products: €750

The participant will be invoiced after all Pre-Testing Documents are signed. Participants are required to cover the costs of all shipping to and from the testing location.

What are Qualified Sponsorships?

Qualified Sponsors are top-tier championship sponsors. The sponsorship term is 3-years, offering center-stage recognition at the sponsored championships. The sponsorship benefits packages are available for review in advance of the bid process.

All equipment submitted as part of a Qualified Sponsorship bid in a tested category must pass Qualified Testing. The bidding process will begin once the 2017 Qualified Testing program has completed.

What about water specification?

Certain Qualified Sponsorship placements are determined by the ability to deliver according to industry standards. Competition water specification relies on published standards for water composition, and qualification for sponsorship is determined based on the ability to deliver to specification. For more info, please contact [email protected]

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  • January 2017 — Documents and registration launched
  • March 1st 2017 — Deadline for registration to participate in Qualified Testing
  • March-July 2017  — Timeframe for testing (exact dates may vary by category, and certain components may be tested at different times)
  • August – September 2017  — Test results are returned to participants
  • October 2017 — Deadline for Qualified Sponsorship bid submissions
  • December 2017  — Qualified Sponsors for 2018-2020 are announced

Qualified Testing Categories: