World Coffee Events Committees

Committee Structure

WCE Committees are working groups made up of volunteers that support the mission of the organization and assist in developing initiatives toward the strategic plan. Annual working groups may also be formed to help with specific projects related to one activity or championship.

Competitions Operations Committee – Develops the format an operations of all competitions. This committee is comprised of subcommittees that divide the scope of responsibilities.

  • Rules & Regulations Subcommittee – Develops the review, interpretation, and revision process for all competition rules and regulations.
  • Judges Subcommittee – Coordinates the world-certified judges activities at competitions.
  • Instructional Design Subcommittee – Develops the educational materials or certification program for world-level judges. Works with education partners within our parent associations.

Development Committee – Develops the WCE brand, marketing strategy and non-competition events that promote to the trade, press and end consumer.

Finance Committee – Develops and reviews financial systems and information for World Coffee Events

Committee Members

Italics = Subcommittee Chair
Bold = Advisory Board Member


Marcus Boni
Mike Yung

Rules and Regulations Subcommittee

Jessica MacDonald
Ben Bicknell
Hugo Neuproler
Kyonghee Shin
Amy Ball (staff liaison)

Instructional Design Subcommittee

Emma Markland-Webster
Jenn Rugolo
Scott Conary
Carllee Curran
Roukiat Delrue
Lauro Fioretti
Sonja Grant
Dale Harris
Kyonghee Shin
Dan Streetman
Annemarie Tiernes
Amy Ball (staff liaison)

Judges Operations Subcommittee

Dan Streetman


Italics = Subcommittee Chair
Bold = Advisory Board Member

Peter Giuliano
James Shepherd
Carl Sara
Laura Lee (staff liaison)


Italics = Subcommittee Chair
Bold = Advisory Board Member

Ric Rhinehart
David Veal
Drewry Pearson
Cindy Ludviksen (staff liaison)