Advisory Board

World Coffee Events (WCE) is owned by the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) & Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). WCE has an Advisory Board comprised of four (4) directors, ten (10) volunteer members, five (5) appointed by the SCAE and five (5) appointed by the SCAA.



Drewry Pearson (Treasurer)
Dublin, Ireland

Bio Drewry is the Managing Director of Marco Beverage Systems ltd., manufacturers of hot water delivery systems for coffee, tea and other beverages. Marco is based in Dublin and is a Pioneer and Life Member of the SCAE. Drewry is an SCAE nominated Director of the WCE, due to his position as Company Secretary and Treasurer and his residence in Ireland, where the WCE is legally established. Drewry has been involved with the SCAE for many years, initially in the Education Committee, then as Treasurer and now as President for 2013/21014. Drewry trained in business and accountancy and like most of the other WCE board members spends much of his life travelling.


David Veal
SCAE Executive Director
Essex, United Kingdom
non-voting member

Bio I have had a passion for coffee since 1983 when I joined the industry. I was first hooked on real coffee by tasting a freshly brewed cup of Rombouts Original Blend followed by a Douwe Egbert Traditional Blend. Good quality continental filter coffee was quite cutting edge in the UK in the 1980’s! My passion grew as I started and ran my own business and was introduced to the world of speciality coffee. This also led to a frustration – how can coffee be so good when most coffee you are served is so bad – which in turn led to a desire to train and educate as many people as possible about good quality and methods. I joined the SCAE, visited coffee farms in Brasil, Kenya, Tanzania and Costa Rica and became a sensory judge to help me turn this desire and passion into something tangible. With this came the realisation that there are so many good people around the world involved in the whole process from propagation to cup working really hard to ensure great quality and consistency. It really is a privilege to be able to work in this great industry.


Ric Rhinehart
SCAA Executive Director
Long Beach, California USA
non-voting member

Bio Ric Rhinehart is the Executive Director of the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Mr. Rhinehart has over twenty years of experience in the coffee industry, and has designed, developed, and produced a wide range of coffee and tea products. He has considerable experience in developing manufacturing and packaging capabilities, and has traveled extensively as a green coffee buyer. He is co-author of Tea Basics a primer on premium tea, published by John Wiley & Sons in the fall of 1998. Mr. Rhinehart is a frequent presenter and panelist on industry issues and trends at trade shows and symposiums. He has served as a Director and as 2nd Vice President for the Specialty Coffee Association of America, and has chaired the Training Committee and the Technical Standards Committee. He was a founding member of the American Premium Tea Institute, where he served on the Board of Directors and as President. He and his wife, Wendy Rasmussen, live in Garden Grove, California with their four children.


Peter Giuliano
Encinitas, CA, USA

Advisory Members


James Shepherd (Chair)
Beyond the Bean
SCAE Ireland
Dublin, Ireland

Bio James is the International Sales Manager for café bar supplies company Beyond the Bean looking after North America, Asia and Australia. He has been working in the coffee industry for the last 12 years, starting with a leading UK roaster in 2002 and relocating to Dublin, Ireland, as Sales Manager in 2006. In that time James competed as a Barista in the Scottish Barista Championships (1st) and UK finals twice. Since then he has judged for the UKBC, Irish Barista Championships, and has been involved with judging at the WBC.


Carl Sara (Past Chair)
Crafted Coffee Company
Christchurch, New Zealand

Bio Carl Sara is the owner of Crafted Coffee Company and Co-Owner of Bean Brothers. Crafted is a micro-roastery, cafe and wholesaler in Carls home city of Christchurch, New Zealand and Bean Brothers is a green coffee importer and wholesaler. Carl has had a long relationships with coffee competitions over an 11 year career as a Barista. He has won the New Zealand Barista Championships four times and placed 3rd, 4th, 6th and 8th at the World Barista Championships and 4th and 8th in the World Latte Art Championships. Carl also serves on the WCE Rules and Regulations Committee and the New Zealand Coffee Roasters Association Committee.


Dan Streetman
Irving Farm Coffee Roasters
New York City, New York USA

Bio Dan Streetman is the Vice President of Wholesale and Green Coffee Buyer for Irving Farm Coffee Roasters in NYC. Dan has been heavily involved with the United States Barista Championship since 2008, when he became a Certified Head Judge.


Marcus Boni
Kaldi’s Coffee
Missouri, USA


Lina Chiodo

Bio Lina Chiodo is Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) for BUNN. She is responsible for all sales and sales development opportunities, market related programs and initiatives and the continued expansion of BUNN’s Service Provider and Distribution Networks in these areas. Chiodo has an honors BA degree in Languages from the University of Toronto and is fluent in French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and English. She resides in Toronto. Lina is a director for the SCAE board and involved in International Women in Coffee Association, establishing a mentorship program within Europe. She can be reached at


Yoshihito Kato
Bontain Coffee co.,Ltd.


  • Move to Guatemala and El Salvador in 1995, cupping so many coffees through the year and visit farms/beneficios to know what influenced as the coffee quality.
  • Since 2001,joined Cup of Excellence Program in Guatemala and since 2003 we became a Lifetime Pioneer Member for COE.
  • Since 2004,passed tests to become a WBC judge in Trieste, Italy. Then Judged WBC at 2005,2006,2007,2009,2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.
  • Also went to help some national barista championship as a Head judge and Sensory Judge.(Japan, China, El Salvador, Korea ,Costa Rica and Taiwan)
  • Since 2003,president of Bontain Coffee co.,Ltd.(Roaster in Japan).
  • Role:Direct Trade,Quality Control, whole sales manager and Coffee retail shop and cafe operation
  • WBC Certified Sensory Judge 2009-2014
  • World Brewers Cup Certified Sensory Judge 2013-2014
  • World Coffee In Good Spirits Sensory Judge 2013-2014 (Head Judge at WCIGS2013 Final)
  • World Coffee Events representative 2013-2014
  • Specialty Coffee Association of Japan(SCAJ), Vice-chair 2012-2013
  • Alliance for Coffee Excellence(ACE), Board of Director 2010-2013


Mike Yung (Vice Chair)
Graffeo Coffee Roasting Company
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Bio Mike started in the coffee industry in 2006 at Caffe Artigiano in his hometown of Vancouver, Canada, while completing his university degree. In 2007, Mike won the Canadian Barista Championships and placed fifth in the 2008 World Barista Championships. Since 2009, Mike has certified as a technical, sensory, and head judge for the WBC, as well as for World Latte Art Championship and World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship. He serves as the chair of the Judges Operations Subcommittee and the Qualified Testing Committee. Mike currently lives in Hong Kong and works for Graffeo Coffee Roasting Company. In his free time, Mike enjoys travel and photography.


Bart Deprez
Viva Sara
Kortrijk, Belgium

Bio Bart Deprez is co-owner with his brother of ‘Deprez nv’. This company includes the coffee roastery and wholesaler ‘Viva Sara’ and a 700 m² coffee house in his home town of Kortrijk, Belgium called ‘Viva Sara Kaffée’. Bart has coached multiple Barista Champions and is the author of the book “Gebrand op Koffie”. Bart was Nominated & Runner up for the ‘2009 SCAE Awards for Coffee Excellence (presented in Cologne)’ in the category “The Young Entrepreneur Award” for opening 4 coffee shops in Dubai. He’s a SCAE authorised trainer and certifier for several modules of the diploma system. Bart has judged barista competitions in several countries and judged three times in the world championships of Latte Art and Coffee in Good Spirits. In his spare time you can find him in the barn with his horses.


Annemarie Tieme
Biggekerke, The Netherlands

Bio Annemarie Tiemes is the Education Coordinator for SCAE since August 2011. She has been actively involved into coffee since 2009. While working as a Maître-Sommelier at that time she totally lost her heart to the coffee-world after being a volunteer at SCAE World of Coffee 2009. In 2010 Annemarie was voted as National Coordinator for the Netherlands. As NC she was heavily involved in organizing SCAE World of Coffee 2011 in Maastricht. Having left her restaurant job she accepted the position of Education Coordinator and has been enjoying that tremendously ever since. Annemarie is also a member of the WCE sub-committee Instructional Design and WCE National Body workgroup and the WCE Advisory board since February 2012.


Stephen Morrissey
Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea
Chicago, Illinois USA

Bio Stephen works as Director of Marketing and Communications for Intelligentsia Coffee. He is the co-founder and chair of Coffee Common. In 2008, Stephen won the World Barista Championship for his home country of Ireland, however today he calls Chicago home. (photo courtesy Kieran Murphy/


Edgard Bressani
Octavio Coffee
Sao Paolo, Brazil

Bio Edgard Bressani is the CEO of the Division of Agriculture and Livestock of Sol Panamby Group (Brazil), a broad agribusiness project that gathers not only one of the most important and recognized coffee producing and exporting companies – O’Coffee (its 6 estates produce 20 different coffees: natural, pulped natural, fully washed and microlots) – but also contemplates cattle, sheep, eucalyptus and sugar cane. The company also has specialty coffee brands sold in the domestic market and the largest coffee shop – Octavio Café – in Latin America. With a degree in Law and Business, Edgard Bressani prepared to be a diplomat and became a true ambassador of Brazilian Specialty Coffee. From 2001 to 2004 he ran the Cafés do Brasil Marketing Program for the promotion of specialty coffees conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture, was the Executive Director of Brazil Specialty Coffee Association, a member of the International Relations Council (SCAA) and the Brazilian National Chapter Coordinator (SCAE). From 2004–2007, he participated at WBC Competitions as a Certified Judge. In 2006, Bressani worked for P&A International Marketing, as consultant, and was involved in programs in partnership with the ICO to increase consumption in producing contries and well as in the Center of Coffee Intellingence in his country. In 2007 he was invited for Ipanema Coffees, in charge of New Business Development, Marketing and Institutional Relations. He has also been an active volunteer of WBC and served on the Rules and Regulations Committee, WBC’s Training Committee, and National Support Committee. He has been organizing the barista competitions in Brazil since 2002, has been the President of the Brazil Coffee and Barista Association (ACBB) since 2008, Vice-President of Brazil Coffee Origins Association, author of the book “The Barista Guide” (third edition), and orchestrator of the web-based Barista Community at Peabirus (Brazil).